Highly Gifted & Eligibility

A child with an IQ of 145 might be as underserved in a regular Gifted program as a gifted child is in a regular classroom.

Children who live in the LAUSD district are eligible for HG Magnet schools if they test in the 99.5th percentile or above on an IQ test conducted by an LAUSD psychologist. Priority is given to children with 99.9%, officially “Highly Gifted” by LAUSD definition (IQ 145+). If there are openings remaining in the program, “Gifted” students with 99.5%-99.8% (“Highly Gifted Applicable”) can be admitted.  If “HG” appears on a report card, that means the child tested in the 99.9th percentile.  If HGA appears, your child tested in the 99.5 – 99.8 range.

An IQ test is different from the OLSAT/Gifted test that every second grader takes in the spring, which may qualify them for regular Gifted/High Ability schools, but NOT for Highly Gifted programs like San Jose. If your child took a giftedness test, ask your GATE Coordinator what kind they took.  If it was the OLSAT, you can still request an IQ test.

Request an IQ Test
Some teachers will recommend students for an IQ test, but often parents need to request the test themselves.  You may request an IQ test by contacting the GATE Coordinator at your child’s LAUSD school.  Due to staffing cuts, it can take months to get a LAUSD psychologist to administer the test and then to receive results, so submit your request as soon as possible.  You may request results sooner by contacting the LAUSD’s Gifted/Talented Education office (GATE) directly at (213) 241-6500. Please be understanding but persistent.

At this time, LAUSD does not accept tests conducted by private psychologists, though they may accept tests from other school districts.

How do I know whether a Highly Gifted Magnet is right for my child?
Simply, come by for a tour.  Few people know about our little program, but almost everyone who tours ends up applying.  You are welcome to bring your child.  To schedule a tour or for more information, please call Coordinator Linda Bueno at (818)365-3218.

My child is HG/applicable. How do I enroll?
To find whether we have openings for fall 2012, please call our Coordinator.

To apply for 2012-2013, please fill out the LAUSD eChoices brochure at eChoices.LAUSD.net, due December 16, 2011.  Your child must already have taken an IQ test and been identified as eligible in order to apply.  You can still call our school to enroll after the eChoices deadline, as long as we have openings.

What’s so diffferent about highly gifted children?
Here are some websites with additional information about HG children and their needs.

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What if my child is not currently in an LAUSD school?
Until 2010, non-LAUSD students who live in LAUSD districts could still request an IQ test, but budget cutbacks have suspended this service.  Some parents are advocating for LAUSD to resume allowing all students to be tested.  If you would like to support this cause, or would like to be notified if the policy changes, please contact us.  Please provide your child’s current age, school, and any relevant information, e.g. they have been identified Highly Gifted by a private or school district psychologist.